Oasis Home Care Services support individuals who are living and leading their greatest life.

We offer a person-centred approach to keep people safe and sound at home, instead of anywhere else.

As a person lead organisation, Oasis Home Care Services believes that individuals are equal and active participants in any and every kind of support they engage in. We have a diverse team of individuals with backgrounds in mental health, physiology and more.

As the driver of your life, Oasis is here to help create meaningful changes and support our participants in fulfilling their needs and getting the most out of their plan.

About us

Oasis Home Care Services has been providing quality home care services in South East Queensland since 2017.

Oasis Home Care Services was born to support individuals in living and leading their greatest life. As a person lead organisation, Oasis believes that you are in charge of your future and believe individuals are equal and active participants in any and every kind of supports they engage in. We are here to fulfil the needs of the people we support and do so in a safe and empowering manner, advocating choice and control.

We provide family support, disability services, respite services and care, out of home care, home and community care/access and supports to youth, and with us, a diverse team of unique individuals to deliver.

As the driver of your life, Oasis is here to help create meaningful changes and support our participants in fulfilling their needs and getting the most out of their plan.

Oasis Home Care Services strives in providing quality, innovative and flexible supports to individuals with disabilities. We believe in collaboration and empowerment, tailoring our services to meet your individual needs, and deliver services reflected in a Client Centred plan developed with you.

Find out more about some of the many things we can support you.

Our Support

  • Personal Care
  • Cleaning the house
  • Making the beds
  • Medication management
  • Regular exercise and fitness
  • Essential community access
  • Help with budgeting and financial responsibilities
  • Preparing meals (Healthy food choices)
  • Daily household tasks
  • Recreations and leisure activities
  • Everyday living skills · Social skills · Communication skills
  • Cultural awareness · Community events
  • Making and meeting goals
  • Attending meetings and appointment

Why Choose Us?

We are committed to being your shoulder to lean on and providing honest and professional advice for your situation.

Suitable Carer

We recruit suitable Support Workers specific to your requirement.


We manage rostering and mentoring of your Support Workers to suit your needs.

Working Together

We work with you to ensure quality support.

Stay On Your Side

We assist you to work towards achieving your goals.

Maximize Funding

We are here to help you get the most out of your NDIS plan and assist with your human resource needs.


We monitor and support the Oasis Team to abide by the NDIS Code of Conduct.

As the driver of your life, Oasis is here to help create meaningful changes and support our participants in fulfilling their needs and getting the most out of their plan.

Meet Our Team



General Manager

Meet Chelsey. Chelsey has spent the last twelve years working in the not-for-profit community sector, her passion and dedication to ensuring high quality outcomes for young people and vulnerable people at risk have recently led her to pursue a career in the NDIS sector. With numerous qualifications in business and community sector management, she is well equipped to support you in your NDIS journey. When she is not working, you’ll find her at the beach with her young family or playing in her veggie garden. Come say hi to the fun and bubbly Chelsey!



Chief Executive Officer

Say hello to Helena. Helena has been in the NDIS industry for 3 years with experience as a mental health support worker under her belt. After attaining her bachelor in psychological science and masters in psychotherapy, she had found a deep purpose in making sure individuals are advocated for and supported with the highest quality of care. Helena has gained various skills over the years ranging from quality assurance, participant supports and operations. Helena is very passionate about ethical standards and high quality care. With both professional and lived experience, having the right type of supports hits close to home. Helena is known for her honest, approachable and friendly demeanour.

Interested in Working with Us?

Why you want to be a support worker with Oasis

With Oasis you would embark on a journey of having a meaningful career helping individuals from all walks of life. As a support worker, you have the chance to help people directly. You’re providing care and support to someone who needs it most and helping them to become more independent and confident in their own abilities. Every day is a chance to do something different and make a difference.

Personal development

As a Support Worker, you’ll learn a huge amount. Not just from the training that we provide, but also from the people you work with and the people you work for. Being a Support Worker is an eye-opening experience and provides the chance to work with people from all walks of life with varying needs of support.

Do I need a certification to become a disability support worker?

There may be instances when you can get hired for disability support work without formal qualifications. However, most employers require certification, and your qualifications can also affect your compensation and career path prospects.

Which specific certification is usually required from disability support work applicants?

A Certificate III in Individual Support (CHC33015) from a registered training organisation is usually required by most employers.

How to apply

We often have a job advertisement online, however you may directly apply by sending your CV and resume to Admin@oasishomecare.com.au. Your application will be reviewed, and someone on the recruiting team will reach out directly if they would like to schedule an interview.

How do you treat flexible working arrangements?

At Oasis, many of staff work flexibly and we consider all requests for flexible working arrangements.

What does diversity and inclusion mean working at Oasis?

We value and respect all differences in all people at Oasis. We aspire to have inclusive working experiences and an environment that reflects the audience we serve, where our people have equal access to career development opportunities, their voices are heard and can contribute to our future.